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We have some great ideas and are looking to get more people from the community involved in shaping Qubit's future and help build it.

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Professor John Martinis on benchmarking quantum computers

When, In 2014, Google brought in Professor John Martinis and his team to work on their own superconducting-circuit-based quantum computer, I remember being excited - it felt like things were "getting serious".

Martinis had a vision and goal -- to build a machine that can provide proof of a clear (albeit not necessarily useful) advantage of quantum information systems over classical ones, and it took only five years for them to make it!

Today, Martinis is pushing forward, working on scaling the number of qubits, increasing qubit and gate fidelity and coherence times, and improving our understanding of the behavior of these systems.

It was great to hear professor Martinis talk about his work and the methodologies he is developing for benchmarking quantum processors.

Here is his talk from our meetup on May 11 2021: 
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Qubit's new home

Hi Qubiteers,

I am excited to welcome you to our new home on the web -!

This is our endeavor to create a hub for all community activities, to streamline participation in events, and to make our content more accessible.

Over the past 18 months we have moved our activity online and have held our meetups virtually. This resulted in a lot of international interest and participation and so our focus shifted to internationally applicable and available content.

We have also been collecting and publishing some content - articles on the web site, links on Facebook, videos on our YouTube channel, but it is hard to navigate, manage, or grow.

Another thing that we want to see improved is active community participation. This means more interactive events, Q&A sessions, workshops, and a more accessible way of initiating or entering into conversations.

So, we decided to create one place where we can engage with our members, create and share events, curate content, and hopefully initiate and encourage conversation. 

Welcome to your new home! 
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